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If you want to make sure that your company’s safety areas, both from an administrative and a practical point of view, meet the requirements for the protection of health, life and property,- Prevenor’s audit service is the right choice. As part of the audit, we examine the adequacy and operation of occupational safety, fire protection, environmental protection, food safety or even security systems, the preparedness of workers and the safety condition of the facilities.

Regardless of whether you have a service provider in these areas or not, security due diligence can be key, as self-auditing, identifying errors and minimizing risks are the foundation for development and safety-conscious working


  1. Inspectors are not only qualified and experienced people, but they also have the advantage of looking at processes and the areas from a new perspective, with a “fresh” eye. It is easy to look pass by problems on a day-to-day basis that a skilled auditor who is distanced from the affected area, will spot immediately.
  2. With a professional audit, you can make sure that your company is complying with the rules and, if not, what might be the reasons of uncomplying and these omissions to what consequences may lead.
  3. The audit helps to prepare effectively for official inspections, where inspectors assess the adequacy of workplaces, work equipment and work processes based on a similar set of criteria.
  4. After thorough preparation, depending on the size of the area and the number of employees, the activity is carried out quickly and in a way that leads to practical results.
  5. It saves time, whilst You can focus on your core business.
  6. Addressing the shortcomings identified during the audit will help to ensure the long-term safety of workers, employees in the vicinity of the work area and of the facilities.
  7. In all cases, preventive safety is much more cost-effective than the subsequent correction of errors that have occurred.

The Prevenor security audit (FLHSS compliance audit) is carried out according to your needs, covering the following areas

Safety check

Work safety check

Fire check

Environmental safety check

Security check

Higiene check

Pool check

Covid check

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Általános biztonsági ellenőrzési modul

(Safety check)

Munkavédelmi modul

(Work safety check)

Tűzvédelmi modul

(Fire check)

Környezetvédelmi modul

 (Environmental safety check)

Biztonsági modul

 (Security check)

Higiéniai, tisztasági modul

(Higiene check)

Uszodabiztonsági modul

 (Pool check)

Koronavírus kontrollálási modul

 (Covid check)

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