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Looking for a simple, reliable and quick solution to a work safety or a fire safety issue? You are in the right place! We carry out our activities in a flexible way, adapting to your needs.

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Liability insurance - Fine protection

Our company has a liability insurance of 10.000.000.- HUF for the professional activities we control and coordinate, thus supporting your business and ensuring your protection against fines.


For new partners, we provide a quick and free on-site evaluation


We can adapt to the local expectations, we are flexible in terms of time and geography, we adapt our activities to the needs of our customers, and we do not hinder your workflow


We combine all the services that come with security and reduce the number of your subcontractors, thus you can save valuable time and money. We take a significant burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on the core business of your company


We perform hygiene tests with the help of measuring instruments, thanks to which our clients can receive immediate feedback on compliance with hygiene requirements and the thoroughness of cleaning


In our privately-owned laboratory, we perform bacterial and fungal cultures from pre-collected samples, giving an accurate picture of which pathogens can be expected to occur in the workplace and how to advise against them.


Based on the aforementioned, we place great emphasis on practicality, rationality, simplicity, and usability. Our goal is not to produce unnecessary documents and to avoid the overloading of client with redundant information

As an employer, you are required by law, to comply among other things, with the occupational safety, fire protection and environmental protection obligations. Your business will have to carry out several safety-related activities and have as many documents as organizing trainings, conducting machine commissioning procedures, providing periodic inspections, preparing a risk assessment, and the list goes on and on… You must ensure the personal, material and organizational conditions of working in a health-friendly and safe manner, because as an employer, the responsibility lies with you!

Meeting the requirements is a cumbersome task in the absence of support with adequate theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and precision. Prevenor Standard Kft. prepares and professionally supports you in the conscious assumption of this responsibility. Your focus must be on the core business and on the continuous wellbeing of your company, so it is more than understandable if you can’t address these issues in a meaningful way. Nevertheless, the importance of these issues is unquestionable, as the prevention of accidents and incidents is a priority for any conscious employer.

By combining the knowledge of security specialties and then pouring it into one complex form of service, it has become possible for you to deliver the security tasks of your business with the help of a single supplier, for you to save time without all the subcontractors and the related contracts. Occupational safety, fire protection, environmental protection and food safety are all considered special areas of expertise, so it is beneficial for an employer to be able to manage these areas centrally and to entrust the provision of professional activities to a single service provider with reliable professional knowledge. We are here to help you with that.

Occupational Health and Safety

Carrying out occupational safety and health activities, preparing the employer in order to create conditions that do not endanger health and work

Fire Protection

Within our fire protection service, we aim to protect human life, protect community assets, protect property values, and preserve and protect the environment – soil, wildlife, air, water.

Environmental Protection

Environmental legislation imposes various declaration and reporting obligations on environmental users

Food safety

In the field of food safety (HACCP), the consumer and consumption-oriented product chain approach is important, therefore not only the final product but also the entire food production chain must be examined

Audit activity

If you want to make sure that your company’s safety areas, both from an administrative and a practical point of view, meet the requirements for the protection of health, life and property,-  Prevenor’s audit service is the right choice.


Prevenor Standard Kft. Combines the knowledge of safety professionals who have outstanding competence, experience and precision in their field. By combining the knowledge base of security areas and then pouring it into a complex form of service, it has become possible for you to know the security tasks of your business with one hand, so you do not have to spend time with all the subcontractors and the relevant contracts.

Occupational health and safety, fire protection, environmental protection, food safety and property protection are all special areas, so it is beneficial for employers to manage these areas centrally and entrust the provision of professional activities to a service provider with reliable professional knowledge. Our team of professionals is strengthened by certified occupational safety professionals, occupational safety engineers, certified disaster management managers, safety management organizers, fire protection lecturers, safety engineers, environmental experts and public health inspectors. 

The establishment of our organization was induced by the increasingly safety-conscious attitude of employers and the constantly tightening system of legal requirements.

The employers’ time and energy are largely devoted to their main activity, so in many cases they do not have the capacity to deal with safety-related areas on their own. Prevenor Standard Kft. helps its clients to focus exclusively on their strenghts. Our goal is to represent our partners in substance before the authorities, to avoid fines, and at the same time our main creed is to protect the health and ability of those who work in the long term.

The protection of human life, property and community values, as well asthe protection of the environment is our common goal, and in order to achieve this, we perform our professional activities with short deadlines and maximally adapting to the needs of our partners. Our goal is to provide high-quality and cost-effective security activities that ensure and support the continuity of economic activity.

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